CO-OP / Internship

Language and Culture

—Montreal,  CO-Op students have the unique opportunity to undertake a bilingual assignment. Both languages are used. Although the official culture and language of the province of Quebec is French, Montreal is the centre of English business for the province.

—Co-operative (Co-op) Education programs give students the opportunity to use what they've learned in the classroom and apply in a real-life setting.

—The  Co-Op Program is designed to challenge and advance the student’s English/French  language and culture ability through a real-life situation.

Jobs for living! Careers for life!

—There are 2 areas to choose from:

Hospitality/Tourism or Restaurant/Retail.

The student chooses one area, and based on availability together with the student’s qualifications.

—Internship programs in: Business, Finance, Communication skills, Languages, Banks, Marketing, Dentistry, Medicine, Teaching also available.

—Unique Facility in Lavaltrie Campus , Restaurant and Hotel. Management and operations.



Contact information

Phone: 514-779-9595