Future leadership school

School information

School information

The Future Leadership School helps students develop a diverse skill set including how to:


  • Motivate, empower, inspire and others to form and build a humanitarian leaders.
  • The candidate training program it focused on giving participants the knowledge and practical skills they need to build a winner campaign from the ground up. The problem may include in depth coverage over of the following.
  • Education for democratic citizenship and human rights education.
  • Message development and delivery ethics in campaigns.
  • Planning and budgeting.
  • Direct mail.
  • The fifth to sixth off Organizing an effective field operation and GOTV ( get of the vote)
  • Election law and the western world.
  • Fund raising.
  • Canada and the press controlled M.S politics.
  • Opposition research.
  • Crisis management.
  • Media one and two.
  • Online campaign
  • Dealing with stresses on candidates, their families and the psychological impact on them, their friends and the surrounding.
  • Role & responsibilities of candidate managers and consultants .
  • The council of Europe and the European Commission.
  • The council of europe runs a human rights education program for young people, which includes training courses, seminars, pilot projects and publications "Compass a Manual on human rights education with young people" is a comprehensive tool, which was developed as a part of this program.

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Phone: 514-779-9595